A few old gems

Some of my oldest stories from my blog

I have been an irregular blogger. I’m trying to change that now and write something new every week. My goal is to publish a new story every Saturday.

While I’ll keep doing that, here are some stories from the past couple of years that I’m sure you would love to read.

Economic Downturn by 2020? Might Just Happen

Whenever the record for the world’s tallest building is broken, which is that a new building becomes the world’s tallest building, an economic downturn begins.

Women’s Day Made Me Realise I’m Fake

Every one of us celebrating Women’s Day is fake.

A Parent’s Thoughts on India Being Dangerous for Women

Should I be glad I don’t have a daughter or sad I have a son?

11 Years of Writing on Personal Finance

Nothing much has changed.

Selfishness — A Trait All Writers Need to Have

While a writer should be selfish, the company shouldn’t mind because the selfishness works in favour of the company.