How to be a writer when everyone's a writer

Ideate a lot, write even more and don't sell your craft for cheap

It’s true, everyone’s a writer. Everyone with a computer is a writer. Everyone is a writer because it is so easy to be a writer — all you need is a word processor. You have that, right? So even you are a writer. And once your building watchman has finished watching all videos on the Internet thanks to his carrier’s unlimited data plans, he’ll become a writer too.

But that’s not a bad thing. I love that everyone’s a writer because it shows them how difficult it is to be a good writer. Let’s not even talk about being a great writer; you’ll get there once you start being at least a good writer. So, what makes a good writer? Let’s see.

  • Ideate and then ideate some more

  • Be selfish

  • No grammatical errors, please

  • Read, write, repeat

  • Focus on the context

  • Write about what you know

  • Don’t sell your craft for cheap

  • Use the words that you actually know

  • Support arguments with data

  • Forget about the world

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